are you lost?

In talking with a client yesterday, she was sharing her challenges about her business with wanting more reward and more success that she certainly knows she is capable of having. Yet, she was feeling, somehow, that the door in front of her was stuck in the “not quite open wide enough” position for her to walk through. As she shared her situation, I could hear the scrape across the floor when a door gets stuck only allowing inches of an opening too difficult and uncomfortable to pass through. Ouch! In hearing her frustration, I shared a quote that seemed to stop her in her tracks:

If you’re not lost, you haven’t traveled far enough away from home.

While I don’t recall where I read this quote, I was reminded how true this seems for so many of us at some point or another in our life or work. Would you agree?

FlowerHere’s what’s cool. What I noticed is that the quote not only stopped her thoughts in their tracks, it seem to give her instant and more positive perspective about how she felt about “where” she was in her life and, more specifically, in her work. Where she was previously labeling her current situation in her work as “not good enough”, the quote helped her instantly SEE just how far she had ventured from her roots and comfort zone! Amazing! She felt an instant sense of pride in how far she had come as opposed to a sense of inadequacy that her inner critic was judging her for and ranting about in her head!

She was re-energized! With this new sense and perspective, she was able to move forward and take action in her work to move closer to her goals. How awesome is that?

Perspective is powerful! Yet, they can also serve us or defeat us depending upon our mindset. With support and tools, we can create empowering perspectives that feed our souls AND our goals!

Where in your life or work is your inner critic judging you? What happens when you reflect on how far you’ve come on your journey? What are you  most proud of? What are needing most right now?

I’d love to hear about a challenge you might be facing or a perspective that you’d like to shift for the better. Or, perhaps, you have a strategy for managing your mindset that we can share with others. Please reach out to start a conversation or leave me a comment below.

To Your Ease & Success,

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