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slippery little secrets about time management…

Whether you’re a business owner or a busy person, YOU drive the bus and are the one who has to make things happen. Yet, who or what keeps YOU on track while you try to stay on top of the gazillion things you need to do in the course of a day, week or – hopefully not – the weekend? Okay, just saying, but that silence was deafening!

Your customers’ and employees’ needs are usually ill-timed. Marketing is constant. Cash flow is a king that needs to be courted. Strategy needs adjusting. Social media makes you crazy. Change is the norm and time is fleeting. On the other hand, a few more hours of sleep could come in real handy! My hair hurts just writing this!

So, how do you stay in control to get things done?

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Well, many times we don’t stay in control simply because there is too much to do. The plain fact is you can’t do it all (at least, not all at once). Yet the secret to personal effectiveness and productivity is staying IN control and OUT of overwhelm. But how do we maintain control when multiple demands and disruptions are constant? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some secrets that may help.

When it comes to work, projects, tasks and “to-do’s”, here are some FACTS:

1) The only choice we have about any task is to do it NOW or LATER

2) Since we can’t do everything now, we must defer most things to later

3) The “later” pile stacks up like cinder blocks (that multiply like rabbits…)

4) We don’t have time to think about a better way to deal with all the “laters”

5) The “now” pile gets added to constantly

6) The “later” pile falls by the wayside

7) Your hair starts to hurt

8) Overwhelm sets in and the mind goes into “fight, flight, freeze or freak” mode

9) This cycle is way too familiar

10) Your hair starts to hurt even more

Many give up where stress drives the bus. Some “re-thinc” and get in control.

Overwhelm is optional. Try 1 thing.

Read on…

“The key is not to prioritize what is on the schedule, but to schedule your priorities.”
~ Stephen Covey

So, here’s the deal with “to-do’s”:

The above scenario is familiar to everyone. Mondays can begin with the best of intentions of staying on top of things yet, often, by Tuesday it already feels like it’s hopeless to try to keep up. Yikes!

Okay, so the secret is to keep yourself out of overwhelm and on top of what you want to do. Easier said than done, you say. Well, you’re right… UNLESS you don’t have a system – actually, I’d say it’s IMPOSSIBLE without a system.

Yet, when we “re-thinc”, you can use a “system” that makes your life easier because it works FOR you – not against you! Here’s an example of a simple system that can allow you to kick butt and take names:

Rule #1 – Keep a List with a Twist: Keep a list BUT not in your head! Capture non-calendar but timely items you need to do and keep it updated weekly at a minimum. These are non-scheduled items that fall into the “later” bucket for things you need to do but which are not scheduled appointments. The twist (and secret) is to capture what you want to do and to say no to the rest. Another twist, is as you complete items, cross off and re-write the list at least once a week so it stays fresh and relevant. This allows you to do it or schedule what now can be, add to the list or delete something all together. But the bigger payoff for crossing off and rewriting your list is so you can SEE your progress! This feels good and creates “small tangible victories” that give us more energy!

Examples of your list items: Follow-up tasks, a phone call to place, a payment or deposit you need to make, a reservation or appointment you need to schedule, a special birthday you don’t want to forget, etc.

Your brain is not a storage device!

As my friend, Christine Kane says well, she is absolutely right! Capture these items on a single pad on your desk, kitchen counter or wall and use a red Sharpie pen to asterisk those items you need to do this week. These “later’ tasks that you don’t need to do right this minute on this list at least “parked” so they don’t fall through the cracks. As you complete tasks, the remaining tasks simply move up on the list.

Also, keep Post-it notes and a pen in your car, purse, garage, etc. so you can also capture ideas or things you forgot to put on your list. This allows you to easily copy it to your list or schedule on your calendar as it can only be a task for “now” or “later”. Right?

This simple “system” keeps your “to-do’s” out of your head and YOU out of overwhelm! The system of trying to remember everything just overloads your brain, your nerves, your sanity and simply works against you! You still may be busy but you’ll be able to manage yourself and your time better. And, most importantly, you’ll stay on top of the urgent and important things so you don’t forget. You, now, have a system! I invite you to use it for hair relief!

Can it get any easier than this?

To your EASE and SUCCESS!


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