How hard is your business working for you?

Based in Madison, CT, re•thinc, LLC has been serving businesses both locally and nationally since 2003.

Any consultant can tell you what to do. Achieving what you’re after is a different story. re-thinc addresses the gap.

Whether you’re a new or existing business, having your business work harder for you is key to success. Our approach to Business and Team Development is targeted, fast and cost effective in removing barriers so your business operates with less stress and more profit. Identifying your goals and putting a plan into action that allows you and your team to achieve them is our goal.  Coined the “Biz Doc”, our approach connects your business, your people and your customers to operate as a stronger, productive team.  

Work smarter. Not harder. You are in control.

Everyone is in sales today.  This is one significant way technology has changed the way we work.

As a former sales executive, I remember when sales people were the “sales” people responsible for revenue generation.  Everyone else in the business was mostly removed from those details and happily so.   Well, guess what?   A little thing called the internet made that reality archaic… quickly.  EVERYONE, today, is in sales, simply, because customers have several choices and control over where and how they buy.  Plus, we have been forced to find and reach our customers in different and foreign ways while trying to keep pace with the dizzying speeds marketing today demands. Just think, from smart phones, tablets, computers, text, e-mail, TV, radio, social media, networking, blogging, Groupon, Four Square, YELP!, Pinterest and…. what’s a newspaper?  Are we ever away from it all? I’m exhausted just writing this.

The internet gives the customer more control and more options on where and how to buy.  How is your business winning this race?

Enter re·thinc.  Your business has no option but to take all of this very seriously.  And, to compound matters, different generations have different values impacting communications and how well we understand the of motivations of our customers and employees.  How do we get through?

The “Biz Doc” will help you create and engage your team by connecting, your business, your employees and your customers in a stronger, more profitable relationship.

Work smarter.  Not harder.

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Amatech Solutions, Guilford, CT

Mary has worked with us only for a couple of months and already she has pointed out a few minor things that have made some big changes. The biggest advantage to working with re-thinc is that you take a break from just running the business (or should I say letting it run you) and take the time to really look at what the business needs as a living breathing entity. We look forward to continuing our work with her and couldn’t be happier that we decided to step back and re-thinc!