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As many of you know, I am looking for ways to make us a better, more efficient place to work. I have decided to hire a business coach to help me facilitate and implement some of the ideas I have in my head as well as some of the suggestions you have made.

The key to making this happen is open communication between us and Mary Stager who is the coach I have hired. Her work is helping small business work smarter, not harder by working better as a team. She will be taking us through a Coach Approach program that will allow us to collaborate, share ideas and work more effectively together so the company operates more smoothly.

We will be scheduling a meeting with Mary so we can discuss what’s working, what’s needing attention and any input you’d like to share for improvement. Your input and ideas are important. Mary will talk to us about the process which includes an anonymous survey to get our feedback and suggestions. The key is that you are open and honest as that is the only way we can improve and address issues. This is a positive proactive step for the business and a way for us to be more effective as a team going forward. 

Mary is a certified professional coach with over 25 years business experience. You can read more about her at

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Business Owner