Our Approach

Gail Lebert, Publisher
Hartford Business Journal

Working with re-thinc gives me a platform and structure to approach challenges from a new direction.  Our Executive Team has been the direct beneficiary beginning with the very first session alone. re·thinc has allowed us to “re-ignite” our approach to our partnership in order for us to more effectively lead our team to greater success.  The coaching has also lightened my stress and shown me new solutions that apply to my professional and personal development.  I look forward to each session as an opportunity to learn and improve in an interactive and fun way!

Time matters.  Make it count.

The shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line.

re-thinc’s approach is, simply, about clarifying your goals and removing what’s in the way of them. Whether you want to increase your business’ success or you want to increase your success in the business of life, our approach is targeted and focused on providing you a foundation, a road map and a vehicle to get there as effectively and efficiently as possible. Simplifying Success is the goal.

Barriers Exist

This may all sound good yet you might say “barriers exist”.   We agree.  Our biggest barrier today is time… or lack thereof.  We’re constantly up against the clock in trying to juggle all we’re trying to accomplish in the daily demands of our work and life.  And, re-thinc knows that unless you have a plan, support to implement the necessary steps to reach your goal and accountability to keep you on track, the clock will outpace us every time.

Our work and life has blended together today thanks to our smart phones and computers.  Managing work, home, family and information can be daunting.  Gone are the days of being able to casually manage the aspects of our life where it didn’t consume our life, energy and require nearly 24 x 7 availability.  The world today screams of “busy-ness” that can leave many of us deflated if not exhausted, stressed and often overwhelmed.  Where’s do we find time for our family?  Time for ourselves?  How do we keep up?

 re-thinc to the Rescue

If  you’re serious about taking charge of your life and your goals, we are all about helping YOU work smarter.  Not harder.

Our approach helps you:

  • Clarify what you want
  • Remove what’s in your way
  • Obtain a road map to “Simplify Success”

With the above in place, you’re free to put your plan into action with resources to help you see your goals through.

 Let’s get started today!