Team Development

Empowerment versus Employment

Employee engagement is a strategic act that is just smart business.  Engaging your team can improve your business’ culture, your employees’ morale and your insight into your customers’ needs and interest all at the same time.  The result is less stress and more success!  Business today is impacted and generated at multiple touch points beyond traditional marketing/advertising’s reach.  These touch points include the power all of us have through social media where individual messages and reach can impact your brand. Engaging employee increases their effectiveness on the front line where your client touch points are happening.  The “Coach Approach” program below will help you developed an empowered, self-managing team quickly!

re-thinc team workshopsThe Coach Approach™ Program

The Coach Approach™ Program helps business owners and business leaders engage their team to work smarter… not harder.

  • Perfect for new or existing businesses that need a plan to achieve specific business outcomes
  • Streamline your business to run more systematically and profitably
  • A team approach that creates efficiency, leverage and sustainability

This 30 Day Program includes focus on:

  • Sales effectiveness for improved customer management
  • Efficiency to increase focus on revenue generating activities
  • Streamlining systems and procedures for improved responsiveness and profitability
  • Team engagement & development for increased collaboration, greater buy-in and innovative ideas
  • Execution of your strategic goals and specific business outcomes

This monthly Coach Approach™ program is priced according to your company size to make success possible quickly. Looking at your process, your people and your customers, the goal is to work more effectively as a team so your business can focus on proactive, profitable activities that create more leverage and more success.  By removing issues that drain profits and absorb precious time and energy, your business and your team is freed up to focus on what matters most.

With a system in place, your business runs smoother, efficiently and more profitably to allow leaders to lead, employees to be engaged, customers to be satisfied with YOU in control!

Your business will receive:

  • A road map and planning session to clarify goals and outcomes
  • Development, updating and implementation of targeted strategic plan document
  • Individual and team coaching sessions to support your goals and implementation
  • Tools, templates and resources to increase effectiveness
  • E-mail/phone support to see your goals through