Training & Facilitation

What’s Your Growing Edge?

“Our current level of capacity determines our current level of effectiveness.  Your ‘growing edge’ is the state of being and/or area of growth that can allow you to expand your capacity.”

Increasing our skills and knowledge is necessary if we wish to increase our success in work or life. re-thinc offers workshops and training that facilitates learning through an engaging and interactive process that is fun and effective.

Thora Colburn, Sales Manager
William Raveis Real Estate

The [agent] workshop was very successful – thank you! Everyone was full of praise-and highly energized! They surprised me; this is just what they needed. We will be in touch!

On a variety of business and work/life balance topics, participants can increase awareness around their perspectives and choices that best support their goals. Participants also learn how their core values can be their guideposts to achieving greater levels of fulfillment across all aspects of their life or work. When we discover new knowledge for ourselves, this can lead to natural changes and lasting improvement!

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Signature Workshops:

  • Master your Mindset Series: Increasing Fulfillment & Balance in Work and Life
  • Transforming Business Culture: Connecting Your Customers & Employees to Your Business
  • Marketing is Making Friends: Marketing your business with greater ease
  • Harmony in Relationships:  Values as your Guide to Interpersonal Effectiveness

Facilitation Services:

  • Communication:  The Path to Power Teams
  • Executing Goals:  Success & Specificity
  • Sales Skill Building:  Our Roles and Goals in Sales

Options Available

  • 90 Minute; Half and Full Day Workshops Available
  • Customized Programs Available
  • Rates offered on an affordable, sliding scale basis
  • Special Group Rates and Programs